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New Products!

A sample of new products will be ready for shipping during the week of 20, July 2017. Items that have been “on the drawing board” for many weeks are finally finishing the heat-treatment process. Using a new heat-treating works added a few weeks since we each have documentation to approve, but the cost savings are […]

Knob Creek Weekend!

On 07, 08, and 09, April 2017 the twice-annual Knob Creek Machinegun Shoot will take place at West Point, Kentucky. I plan to be there Saturday 08, April 2017 and I hope to find a few rare parts for a decent price. We’ll see…  

The Pending ITAR Mess…

For a few years I have designed and sold tools for the safe disassembly and assembly of Kalashnikova variants. The first tool designed was the GS-0001 and it came into existence as I (angrily) attempted to safely disassemble a batch of AK74 rifle kits I purchased. These had torch-cut barrels that are commonplace now and […]