New Products!

A sample of new products will be ready for shipping during the week of 20, July 2017. Items that have been “on the drawing board” for many weeks are finally finishing the heat-treatment process. Using a new heat-treating works added a few weeks since we each have documentation to approve, but the cost savings are there.

The receiver drilling fixtures are expensive, I know, and beyond the wishes of most hobbyists. I hope some of the people who purchase these will do so with the intent of renting them. I think it easy that the rental fees alone will pay for the fixture after five (05) or so rentals.

The magazine catch pliers are meant more for the 07 shop who needs to quickly service magazine catches, but of course anyone can use them. The bolt servicing tool base is a bit of an oddity for handy for those shops who must service a lot of bolts.

So, what’s coming after this? The mother of all riveting fixtures. Imagine making a perfect rivet every time without tweaking and shimming – that’s the goal.

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