My Ship-To/Mail-To Address Is:

Robert Forbus
Ing. Robert Forbus, International
8023 Betts Road Greenbrier, Tennessee 37073 USA
615 390 5645 – Handy – Email

ORDERING: Send me an email message with the part numbers and quantities you need. Please furnish a first and last name so I can start a job folder. I am a very busy man and it may take a couple days to reply if items are not in stock.

PAYMENT METHODS IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE: Zelle. Personal or business cheque. Postal money order or other established money order. PayPal goods and services with fees applied. Creditcards or debitcards processed through PayPal. Please note that any cheques or money orders sent to me must be made payable to “Robert Forbus”.

Stock items do not require prepayment. All custom items do require a certain percentage of prepayment. Once I send notice that the desired items are ready I expect to be paid within seventy-two (72) hours. If not, the items return to stock for sale.

Note – if you are a Tennessee resident and not tax-exempt please tell me since I must add 9.75% sales tax to all labor, materials, and shipping cost.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING: I ship exclusively with United States Postal Service and use their Flat Rate Priority service due to lower cost and decent delivery time. If you want an item shipped with United Parcel Service or Federal Express, you must have an account established with them. Neither company has an operation near me.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I ship items outside the USA provided (a) the item is not prohibited by ITAR and (b) the items are not prohibited in the receiving Country. International shipments do require two (02) or three (03) extra days to prepare export paperwork and all items are represented at their true cost – do not ask me to misrepresent the values.

INSURANCE: All domestic Priority Flat Rate parcels are automatically insured for up to $100.00. Additional insurance may be purchased and I will add it to the total – just let me know.

In the event of a loss it is my responsibility to start the claim process.