ak_tools_collageAK47 Tools For The Use By The Discriminating Craftsman

The photograph above is an example of the tools I sell for the safe disassembly and assembly of all Kalashnikova variants of AK47, RPK, AK74, Krinkov, PSL, and SVD rifles. These tools are the pressing plates, sets of pressing tubes, barrel push-back and push-out tools, and pin pushers and press ram adapters. Just refer to the tab above named “AK Barrel Assembly Tools” and select what you need from the drop-down menu and then send your request to me via Email at Robert.Forbus@robertforbus.com and I will return with availability and pricing.

I know that I should not need to mention this, but I will do so anyway. All of the tools that I sell require a significant amount of force to fulfill their task and there is always a hazard of a tool shattering or suddenly flying from a press. At a minimum please wear shatter-resistant eyewear, a.k.a. safety glasses, goggles, or faceshield when using any of these tools.

Kalashnikova Rifle Dimensional Data Worksheet In Progress – Update 27, November 2016


How Do You Order Tools From Me? I am not set up for credit cards at this time – maybe someday. I do accept personal cheques, money orders, and PayPal as long as it is paid as “Goods & Services”. Generally speaking; unless the item is a custom tool or machine part I do not require any payment up front.

I usually have everything that I sell in stock but many of the items I sell are produced in run groups from four (04) to forty (40) parts and I occasionally may be out of an item or a component of an assembly and have them in the work schedule. I can give you a fairly accurate ready date barring emergency or contract work that takes me temporarily off premises. When you to write me as a new customer; please give me your first and last name because I build/edit a job folder for everyone.

I have isolated certain tools by the rifles they are designed for. If you are not 100% sure of what you need; you can send me an email with your questions or for a much quicker response you can call me at 615 390 5645 any day any time. In a typical day I receive about three-hundred (300) email messages and it takes time to get though them.

Stock Status Update 1205 Saturday 22. April 2017
Tool Description Stock? Qty.? When?
GS-0001 AKM, AK74 plate tool Yes 04
GS-0002 Romanian M1964 plate tool Yes 01
GS-0003-ABC Zastava M72 plate toolset Yes 02
GS-0004-ABC Zastava M70, milled AK, Norinco plate toolset Yes 02
GS-0005 Barrel push-back assembly Yes 22
GS-0005-D1 AK, AK74, RPK chamber face brass pad Yes 06 24-Apr-17
GS-0005-D2 PSL, Vepr 54R chamber face brass pad No 00 24-Apr-17
GS-0006-ABCD AKM AK74 AK tube set No 00 25-Apr-17
GS-0006-AGHJ Zastava M72 tube set Yes 02
GS-0006-AEF Romanian M1964 tube set Yes 01
GS-0006-DKLM Romanian PSL tube set Yes 01
GS-0006-NPQR Zastava M76 tube set No 00 30-Apr-17
GS-0007 Breech pin plate toolset Yes 02
GS-0008 Barrel push out tool Yes 06
GS-0009 AKM AK74 M85 M92 Krinkov plate tool No 00 28-Apr-17
GS-0012-A Press ram diameter 0.95”/1.25” adapter Yes 06
GS-0012-B Press ram diameter 1.25”/1.61″ adapter Yes 05
GS-0012-C Press ram diameter 1.60”/2.00” adapter Yes 04
GS-0012-D Press ram adapter for Dake B10 or F10 Yes 02
GS-0015-A Zastava & Bulgarian pistol grip nut rivet bucking block Yes 08
GS-0015-B Russian Type III pistol grip nut rivet bucking block Yes 01
GS-0017-ABCD Chuck & pin set for diameter 3,0mm & 4,0mm dowel pins Yes 04
GS-0017-ABCDEF Chuck & pin set for diameter 3,0mm, 4,0mm, & 2,5mm dowel pins Yes 02
GS-0018 AK74, Krinkov, M85, M92 M26 x 1,5mm & M24 x 1,5mm tapped plate Yes 01
GS-0019 SVD receiver wrench No 00 30-Apr-17
GS-0021-A AKM, AK74 front sight gas block pin plate Yes 03
GS-0030 Press bed bar set Yes 03

Parts Now In Stock

Many of the Zastava M72 and M70 rifles are missing dowel pins for the individual blocks. I offer a set for the M72 and the M70 (by request). These are sold only as complete sets – not individual pins. These are cut from hardened gauge pins, chamfered, and tempered The price shipped is $19.67 cheque/money order or $20.56 PayPal “goods and services”. I plan to keep these in stock.

Robert Forbus is a toolmaker and a mechanical engineer with more than thirty-seven (37) years of experience with the design, repair, rebuilding, and retrofit of printing presses, finishing equipment, web-handling equipment, stamping/forming dies, and other machine tools.