P/N GS-0012-A, -B, -C, D, Or -E AK Barrel Pin Press Ram Adapter
This Tool Works To Extract/Install Barrel Pins And Is Finished By Request

The press ram adapters I make are custom-bored to fit your press ram. Many of the import hydraulic presses are built with a ram that is usually not the stated size as the true size of the ram can vary quite a bit for the same make and model of press.  The press ram adapters sold by others are generally made in just a couple sizes that cover some of the ram diameter variations and are most times a loose fit. In my opinion it is important to have well-fitting tooling for pressing operations.

What makes mine any better than the others out there? Mine have a better fit to the press ram and the tooling such as the press pins is held fast with a small setscrew. I tend to work by myself and find it difficult hold the parts in place and chase a pin around the shop floor. The setscrews are blunted so they do not damage your press ram and do not damage your tooling. Each press ram adapter ships with a diameter 0.25″ x 1″ starter dowel pin and a diameter 0.25″ x 2-1/4″ push-through dowel pin at no extra charge.

When you select which type adapter you need; I need you to carefully measure at several points the diameter of your press ram about 1/ 2” from the end. I will bore your adapter 0.010”/0.012” larger than this dimension.

A recent addition is the GS-0012-D threaded adapter for customers who own the Dake F10 or B10 Press.

P/N GS-0012-A For Press Ram Diameters 0.94″ Through 1.25″
Price: $28.00 + $9.65 Shipping = $37.65 (Cash Price) Or $39.45 (PayPal Price)

P/N GS-0012-B For Press Ram Diameters 1.25″ Through 1.60″
Price: $29.00 + $9.65 Shipping = $38.65 (Cash Price) Or $40.49 (PayPal Price)

P/N GS-0012-C For Press Ram Diameters 1.60″ Through 2.00″
Price: $40.00 + $9.65 Shipping = $49.65 (Cash Price) Or $51.87 (PayPal Price)

P/N GS-0012-D Threaded For Dake B10 Or F10 Press Ram
Price: $48.00 + $9.65 Shipping = $57.65 (Cash Price) Or $60.15 (PayPal Price)

P/N GS-0012-E For Press Ram Diameters 0.68″ Through 0.75″
Price: $25.00 + $9.45 Shipping = $34.45 (Cash Price) Or $36.14 (PayPal Price)


 Note! Adapters For Press Ram Diameters Larger Than Listed Here Are Available By Custom Order – Please Inquire. I also manufacture these items with protruding studs for the rams of certain presses.