I often hear of customers and other people having great difficulty drilling the barrel’s gas port. I made an outline of the process that will make this venture successful every time. In the example given I am using the AKM barrel with its 26-degree gas chamber block since it is the smallest barrel.

I show a diameter 4,0mm drill bit being used to make the drill spot. This particular drill bit may need to be smaller or larger since it needs to fit the port of the gas chamber block – close without binding. The object is to use this larger drill bit to make a drill spot so that the smaller gas port drill bit will not be thrown upwards and bound so it breaks.

First, let’s see the drill bits that will be used. Notice the stop collar on the larger drill bit. A stop collar is very nice, but a piece of masking tape will also work.

drilling 001

Now, here is a photograph of the drill bits with the AKM gas chamber block. Notice the position of the stop collar? This will be set later when the block is in position.

drilling 002

And finally; here is a six-step process for easy and safe drilling of the gas port. I show the AKM gas chamber block and barrel since it is the smallest unit. This drilling method is also used for AK, RPK, and PSL barrels that all use the 26-degree gas chamber block.

The image below loses fine detail when pasted to this page. For a clear image just click here: Gas Port Drilling