P/N GS-0015 Type 3 & Zastava Receiver Pistol Grip Nut Bucking Bar

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The GS-0015 is a bucking block used to buck the rivets used to fasten the pistol grip nut found on Russian, Bulgarian, and Polish Type 3 milled receivers, as well as Zastava stamped and milled receivers.

This part is manufactured from AISI 1018 cold-drawn steel that is not heat-treated. It holds all three (03) rivets securely in order to form the heads on the inside of the receiver and is supplied with a diameter M6 x 0,8 x 30,0mm socket-head cap screw to hold the assembly securely as the rivets are headed. Note – it can also be used to hold a receiver section when drilling the heads from old rivets. The screw is not tightened more than enough to remove the play and is there to stabilize the assembly while in use.

In practice it is best to head the front (trigger guard) rivet, the rear (buttstock) rivet, and finally the central rivet.