P/N GS-0004-A, -B, -C Milled AK Barrel Assembly Toolset

Price: $53.00 (+ Applicable Shipping Costs & Fees)

NOTE! For Professional Assemblers Casehardened Plates Are Available For A $22.00 Upcharge


This tool is designed to safely assemble the components of the barrel from a cut-up or intact barrel assembly of the Zastava M70 AK rifle. Like the other tools it is a superior replacement for plain press plates and rails that are available elsewhere and allows the thin-walled barrel components to be moved without damage. This tool is designed solely for the Zastava M70 AK rifle barrel and does not work with any other barrel. Similar to the previous tool it is manufactured from 5/8″-thick x 1 1/2″ wide x 9″ long AISI 1018 cold-drawn steel that is not heat-treated.

Most of the Zastava rifles available saw service in the Balkan War and have barrels that were worn beyond use. New barrels are now available from other suppliers. If you plan to disassemble a Zastava M70 AK barrel you will need these additional tools to safely remove the gas block – the P/N GS-0004-B split sleeve gas block support and the GS-0004-C support bar. These can be sold separately of course, but can be included with the GS-0004-A at a slight discount and for the same shipping cost. The complete toolset for the Zastava M70 AK is shown below with the split sleeve and support bar for supporting the gas block.

P/N GS-0006-A, -B, -C, -D AK/AKM/AK-74 Barrel Assembly Tube Set

Price: $28.00 (+ Applicable Shipping Costs & Fees)


These tubes are made from different internal diameter and wall thickness aircraft-grade AISI 4130 structural carbon steel and are merely cut-to-length and faced square. This tubing is expensive but very strong and straight.

P/N GS-0015 Zastava & Type 3 Pistol Grip Nut Bucking Bar

Price: $29.00 (+ Applicable Shipping Costs & Fees)

The GS-0015 is a bucking block used to buck the rivets used to fasten the pistol grip nut found on Type 3 milled receivers and all Zastava stamped and milled receivers. This part is manufactured from AISI 1018 cold-drawn steel that is not heat-treated. It holds all three (03) rivets securely in order to form the heads on the inside of the receiver. It is supplied with a diameter M6 x 0,8 x 30,0mm socket-head cap screw to hold the assembly securely as the rivets are headed. Note – it can also be used to hold a receiver section from drilling the heads from old rivets.