Basic GS-0031 With Stamped & Milled Receiver Clamps & AK/AKM/RPK Matched Tube Set

Price: $260.00 + $13.60 Shipping = $273.60 (Cash Price) Or $282.11 (PayPal Price)

Add M76 Or PSL Matched Tube Set
Price: $260.00 + $13.60 Shipping = $273.60 (Cash Price) Or $282.11 (PayPal Price)

Add Both M76 & PSL Tube Set
Price: $260.00 + $13.60 Shipping = $273.60 (Cash Price) Or $282.11 (PayPal Price)

This tool is used to machine the fire control group of the semiautomatic rifle whether milled receiver or stamped receiver. It is designed to be used on “80% blanks” of both milled and stamped types and the base tool comes with a matched pair of tubes for the AK, AKM, AK74 and RPK fire control group layout. The longer matched tube sets for the Zastava M76 and Romanian PSL are available for slight extra cost.

The location of the Kalashnikova fire control group follows exact dimensions that must originate at the top rail and receiver front. Otherwise large errors are possible due to variations of the placement and angle of the lower plane. This GS-0031 is the first tool on the market to locate the holes in the manner dictated by the original design. The receiver’s top rail is clamped securely to the contact surface of the fixture and the receiver’s front touches the stop plate for exact location and repeatability unit-to-unit.

If a longer receiver such as that of the M76 or PSL is to be machined, the matched tube set is easily changed to the set appropriate for those receivers. The frames are 0-1/2”-thick and manufactured from hardened tool steel for excellent tool guiding and long life.

The interior of this fixture is intentionally 0,5mm wider than the 34,0mm maximum width of an AK-type receiver. My practice during the design and testing of this tool required me to try many different receivers from several different manufacturers, and I found that the 1,0mm stamped receivers tend to be “fat” in the area of the center support rivet and although they are wider than the original design dictates, in general they will work. That section of them may be a tight fit inside this fixture.

Some receiver shells or blanks offered may be so wide/off square that they cannot fit inside this fixture and no accommodations are made for those – please purchase good parts of known quality.

I have inquiries for this same tool, but made with the capability to machine the holes required for select-fire. I am fully-capable of doing this, however I will not take any orders or make any parts without an approval letter from ATF, and these parts will have unique serial numbers. Also, if these are made available I will sell them only to customers who are verified as type 07 FFL with the SOT 2 tax paid, and these will require a 50% down payment.