Well, did you notice that the website address is changed from “http” to “https”? Google swung he big sledgehammer a few months ago and will only make active searches of websites that have a security certificate on file and the “https” visible at the beginning of the address. While these tasks are child’s play for a webmaster they did present a technical challenge to me and I am happy to say they are finished.

On 07, 08, and 09, April 2017 the twice-annual Knob Creek Machinegun Shoot will take place at West Point, Kentucky. I plan to be there Saturday 08, April 2017 and I hope to find a few rare parts for a decent price. We’ll see…I’ll either come home with some stuff or on Monday I will go to the bank and place the money back into my account.

It’s been a busy three (03) weeks from mid-March until now since I had to take the heaviest turret miller down for emergency repairs. I planned a ten-day outage and was most happy to restore it to service within five (05) days. I have other milling machines but this one has the most horsepower and the largest table = the most utilized. I see the typical slowdown with commercial accounts this time of years and the others are staying constant for the most part.

I am adding more tools to the stuff I sell but a lot of these items are geared towards the Type 07 shop floor. A receiver drilling jig that works on stamped slabside and bulged receivers as well as milled receivers is now moving from design to shop drawings to machined parts and should soon be ready for the market. This fixture is unlike anything on the market – it locates the fire control group as well as the cross-support rivet correctly from the top rail and the front of the receiver. It can also be adjusted quickly to work with the longer milled M76 receivers and the PSL receivers. Cheap? No. Thorough and accurate? Yes – repeatable receiver to receiver.

Another tool is going through machining at this time and a few will be heat-treated and ready for sale soon. I have duplicated the bolt repair tool that is found only in the issued armorer’s kits. Does everyone need such a tool? No. The shops who have to strip, clean, and reassemble bolts will find this easy to justify.

There are a few more items coming that are designed for the 07 shop floor – just keep an eye on the website.